Carl Krull

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Hi Piet,

Hope you have time to take a glance at my recent work.. Pleasant feelings!

Have attached some pics and a little info..


Car_Drawing_1_100x40cm_2013_Carl_Krull DETAIL  Car-drawing-on-the-road_CARL_KRULL

The Car Drawings were done on the road from the passenger seat across the United States. The Scroll was done on various locations throughout the country.
The procedure of drawing on a tube was the method. Scrolling and scanning the curved or partial surface working through the paper like a printer, one line at a time. Eventually every bump in the road and every tiny crack in the floor affects the drawing which becomes a topographical map of the journey itself.
Video link:

Best Regards
Carl Krull

Fermín Jiménez Landa

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A medium that works with automatic writing is invited to speak with the nature documentaries director Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente about the supposed fake scenes in his Films.

With a starting point of scepticism in all the paranormal phenomena, I create a fictional situation that talks about other fiction in order to, like in the math formula (- x – = +), from to fictions generate a truth: an observation about nature and cultural, documentary and fiction, staging, false as generator of truth, presentation and representation…

Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente was an extremely famous naturalist and director of a TV series called “El hombre y la tierra”. During the 70’s, according to some surveys, was the most famous figure after Franco.

Félix was a charismatic person and advanced defender of animals in Spain. In a nation that had moved from the country to the industrial peripheries of the cities and that considered country as a place to escape from, searching for a more comfortable life, he revaluated the beauty and the spirit of nature and rural life. He was our first ecologist.

He was accused of shooting numerous scenes of his documentaries with domesticated animals and, even, like in the famous scene of the eagle and the Mouflon, with stuffed animals. Félix, the wolf defender, icon of the wildness, may had to appeal to semi-domesticated animals to spread his ideas.

escrituras001 kopie


Vista de instalación 1 kopie


Vista de instalación 3 kopie

Menos por menos es más. Impresión digital. 21 x 29,7 cms.  2012 2 kopie


Michael Cappabianca

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Corner Window

Liliana Farber

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Hi, I am an uruguayan-israeli new media artist and this is my website:

Liliana Farber

André Azevedo

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new paintings

andreazevedoart_ as margens do salto_web

As Margens do Salto crayon and acrilic on canvas 100 x 140 cm


Llobet & Pons

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Dear all,

Hope you are keeping well
Just a quick notice to let you know about our future project of
Parking lot and exhibition at Łaźnia 2 Centre for Contemporary Art in
Gdansk, Poland.
The opening of the first part of the project will be this Thursday,
August 22, from 19.00h.
Exhibition time from 22 -29 August 2013
A new catalogue with texts of  CCA Łaźnia’s curator Agnieszka
Kulazińska and Francis Halsall accompanies the Parking Lot project.

Please find attached and in the link below some more details:

Hope to see you soon
Best regards,
Llobet & Pons

Parking lot-3d-2

Parking lot-3d-3

Parking lot-real